Agendas & Meeting Minutes

The Mile High Chapter Meetings occur on the 1st Thursday of each month at 6 pm.  These meetings are located at the Downtown Denver JACL office located on at 1215 19th Street, 2nd floor, Unit P7 in Sakura Square.

Complimentary parking for our meetings is available in the Sakura Square parking garage:  1) when entering the complex, you will take a ticket from the entry kiosk to open the gate allowing you to park in the garage; 2) at the meeting, a voucher will be given to you for your car to leave at the exit kiosk by scanning the parking ticket and then scanning the voucher to raise the exit gate arm.

Please Note that since Sakura Square is only a few blocks from Coors Field making parking difficult during baseball season, meetings are scheduled around Rockies games.  Please contact us to verify meeting date and times.

2014 Meetings

January Agenda & Meeting Minutes
February Agenda & Meeting Minutes
March AgendaMeeting Minutes
April Agenda & Meeting Minutes
May Agenda & Meeting Minutes
June Agenda & Meeting Minutes

August  Agenda & Minutes

2013 Meetings

January Agenda & Meeting Minutes
February AgendaMeeting Minutes
March AgendaMeeting Minutes
April Agenda & Meeting Minutes
May Agenda & Meeting Minutes
June Agenda & Meeting Minutes
July Agenda & Meeting Minutes
August Agenda & Meeting Minutes
September Agenda & Meeting Minutes (No meeting due to Colorado floods)
October Agenda & Meeting Minutes
November Agenda & Meeting Minutes
December AgendaMeeting Minutes

2012 Meetings

October Agenda & Meeting Minutes
November Agenda & Meeting Minutes
December Agenda & Meeting Minutes

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