If you are interested in becoming a Mile High JACL member, click here!

Membership includes a digital copy of the the National JACL newspaper, the “Pacific Citizen.”
A printed copy of the Pacific Citizen is an additional $17.

Prices are subject to change without notice.

Associate Membership*$25.00
Thousand Club$200.00
Spouse of Thousand Club member$37.00
Century Club$350.00
Spouse of Century Club member$37.00
Millenium Club$1,000.00
Spouse of Millenium Club member$36.00
Thousand Club Life$3,000.00
Century Club Life$5,000.00

* A 2 year level available to any new members of the local Mile High Chapter. Although members will not be recognized by National JACL, they will receive all local benefits including discounts to chapter events, when applicable.

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